C1 Training Activity | Pobiedziska, Poland | May 2016

During this Learning Activity, all partners presented their activities so far and decided the next steps planning for implementation, reporting requirements and results. Also, several learning activities about cyberbulliyng awareness took place for the children participating in the learning activity.

Main topics of the official agenda:

May 22
-Reviewing of the meeting program, agreeing on some details regarding time schedule, evaluation of activities done so far.
-Students integrative meetings – breaking ice activities

May 23
-Official welcome of the guests
-Performance of students
-Art workshop for students
-Workshops on cyberbullying for teachers

May 24
-Project consortium meeting
-Classes for students on cyberbullying

May 25
-Project consortium meeting
-Students classes on cyberbullying
-Prof. J. Pyżalski author’s workshops on bullying and cyberbullying
-Folk farewell evening with dinner in the Culture and Sport Centre in Pobiedziska

May 26
-Meeting summing up
-certificates deliverance

Other/Cultural activities: Educational trips to Gniezno, Poznań, Lednogóra.

Full agenda (pdf)