C3 Training Activity | Vidin, Bulgaria | October 2016

During this meeting, all partners presented their activities so far and decided the next steps planning for implementation, reporting requirements and results.

Also, several learning activities about cyber-bullying awareness took place for the children participating in the learning activity. Workshops on various arts in order to make pupils aware that life doesn’t consist just of virtual life and Internet. Workshops’ aimed to provide pupils with hobbies and interests which make their free time more efficient, using outdoor activities and flipped classroom.

Main topics of the official agenda:

October 22 (Sofia)
Project meeting – Short evaluating of project activities accomplished so far

October 23 (Sofia)
Project meeting
Analyzing of the results of mid – project questionnaires for students, teachers and parents
“Interactive methods of training children and youth on online risks for children and their prevention” – a training held by National Safer Internet Centre
Sofia Landmarks Walking Tour

October 24 (Vidin)
Welcoming the guests at school – Students performance
Outdoor game “What to do and what not to do on the Internet?”
Exploring the sights of Vidin
Coordinators’ meeting– evaluating, presenting the draft of the guide, planning future activities

October 25 (Vidin)
Visiting lessons with 7th graders on Safe Internet topic /teachers/ – computer lab 104
Arts Workshop /students/
National dances workshop

October 26 (Vidin)
Summing up meeting
Certificates deliverance

Full agenda (pdf)