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Seminar “Cyber-bullying, Recognition – Management – Tips”

The seminar took place in Patras, Greece during TM3, on October 17th and the target groups were mainly teachers and parents.

The key speaker was Nikos Lekkos, member of the project’s consortium, School Counselor, Officer of the Immediate Intervention Team of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus Republic, Assistant Director at Primary Education School, external associate of the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus in the field of training.

Participation to a national conference

InterMediaKT is participating to the national conference “Neos paidagogos (Young teacher)” https://neospaidagogos.gr/, 28th- 29th of April, with the paper Erasmus+ project “Camouflage and safety in the virtual world”: research and results on cyberbullying.  The paper in investigates the results of the Camouflage research to the total sample of students, parents and teachers (420 people in total) in conjunction with a similar survey undertaken by the EU Directorate General for Internal Policies in 2016, to a sample of more than 12.000 persons across the EU. It seems that the phenomenon of cyberbullying is indeed a worrying factor for parents and teachers. On the other hand the same education stakeholders are the ones who underestimate the phenomenon. Finally apart from extracting conclusion such as the above, the paper concludes on the necessity for awareness raising and provision of advanced training for all, students, parents and teachers. As a result, the conference creates the desired dissemination of project results, by transferring the knowledge of the surveys and disseminating the Guides of good practices, created throughout its life.

neos paidagogos

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