Local activities | Zespol Szkol w Pobiedziskach | Poland

Participation in an action: “A week with an Internet”, 14th-20th March 2016: http://tydzienzinternetem.pl

Participation in the Safe Internet Day Annual Conference in Warsaw (2016):  https://www.saferinternet.pl/en/home-en

Summary of our TPM in Coimbra in a local newspaper “Biuletyn Pobiedziski”


Info about first TPM on the school website.

Article from Pobiedziska Municipality regarding our project meeting in Crete, Greece, March 2017.


Seminar in Pila, Poland, 14-15 September 2017

During the seminar, Magdalena Goc disseminated the intellectual outputs of “Camouflage and safety in the virtual world” among Polish teachers registering their new projects in eTwinnning. The subject of this lecture focused on synergy of eTwinning and Erasmus+.

Here’s the link to the conference website: http://konferencje.frse.org.pl/pila2017

e-Safety tips webinar on eTwinning, October 9th, 2017

Webinar on Erasmus+ project KA201 “Camouflage and safety in the virtual world” – e-Safety tips.
The online event took place on October 9th 2017 on eTwinning platform as a dissemination activity of our coordinator, Magdalena Goc.
The webinar was recorded and it’ll be on “Bringing eSafety into eTwinning projects” eTwinning group under Webinars.
#esafety #eTwinning #cyberbullying

Dissemination activity at #SIF2017

On 23rd – 24th November Magdalena Goc, as a eTwinning representative of European teachers active in online safety and cyberbullying issues, presented our project intellectual outcomes to the huge audience of Safer Internet Forum in Brussels, including teachers, NGO’s, business , parental organization, and many stakeholders not only from Europe but also from other parts of the world (i.e. China).